copyright 2012 learning math with mom

After my first son was born, I could not wait to help him learn about the world. My goal was to use everything that I learned through my years of being a math educator. Although I have experience with working with teachers, students, and parents, being both learner and teacher to my three children continues to be an adventure in itself.

In this blog, I will share the activities, the successes, and the struggles of having three different learners of math under the 6 years of age.  Through my discoveries and the discoveries of my children, the goal is to also help you feel more empowered in using and rejuvenating your knowledge in mathematics.

Just as I do, this blog is to help you identify yourself as one of the most powerful and influential examples your children will every have.  Once you accept yourself as teacher and learner, you and your children will be able to explore the world of mathematics more comfortably, differently, and enjoy it as well.

Every day, as much as I can, I remind myself that every bit of effort, along with a positive attitude and belief in oneself, can make the biggest difference to my children and to myself.

So how can you do this and still keep your house clean and accomplish the other gazillion things you need to do?  Just do one new learning experience a day, just try it.  🙂

copyright 2012 learning math with mom
copyright 2016 Christina Grossman.  All Rights Reserved



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