Math, It’s What Soup is Made Of: Counting, Measuring, and Shapes.


It’s now beginning to look and feel like winter for us. My youngest and I made soup together and like so many times, I squeeze in a math moment.

Before we get to wash our vegetables, we count how many stalks of celery we have, how many carrots, potatoes, and zucchini we have. Then it is time for washing.

When we cut our vegetables, what shape does celery look like when we chop it this way? Crescents? How about the carrots? Circles? What about the zucchini? Don’t forget the garlic and onions too!


What about the potatoes? What types of shapes do you see? Why is it important to make sure we cut the potatoes the same way and size? Would it take longer or shorter to cook small pieces?

Then put the vegetables in a pot and start measuring. How many cups of water, or cups ofchicken/vegetable broth do we add to the soup? How long do you think it will take to cook? These are are great questions to ask. Even if your child says, “it will take a billion years to cook,” that might just be accurate for them because in their world, a few minutes feels like a million years anyway . 😊😊

Something To Think About:

Making soup is not a new concept, but it is one of those moments to ask them to count, or identify shapes, or measure out in cups. At least do one of those things and you have placed math in your child’s environment. Most importantly, you spent some time together, made a mess, and had fun. 😊


copyright 2017 Christina Grossman. All Rights Reserved


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