Learning Math with Mom is on Facebook


Learning Math with Mom is now on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/learningmathwithmom

The hope for putting Mom on Facebook is to build a community that interacts more frequently than just once a month.  You will still get the updates via email, if you are following this blog.  New posts will still be on this blog, so keep connected!

In addition to this, my hope is that you can share out which Learning Math with Mom activities and ideas you have been using at home.  What has worked?  What do you and your child need more help with?  How has your child’s view of the world changed from being more open to math?  How have you changed since having used, or just keeping up with the reads from Learning Math with Mom?

Remember, all of this is free and will remain free online.  The mission of Learning Math with Mom is to spread the message of opening the world of mathematics to the little ones in our world, wherever you are. Keep in mind that whatever you share on Facebook with Learning Math with Mom will not be sold, or printed for profit.  So go to http://www.facebook.com/learningmathwithmom and like it, share it, and send it out to day cares, preschools, neighbors, and friends!

Thank you for the followers of Learning Math with Mom since the beginning and I look forward to chatting with you and learning how you are helping your child learn math in your part of the world!


copyright 2016 Christina Grossman. All Rights Reserved

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