Activity Calendars From Learning Math with Mom

copyright 2016 christina grossman

copyright 2016 Christina Grossman


As a new mom years ago, I could  not think straight from all the lack of sleep.  I still wanted to see how I could teach my firstborn math, but needed a reminder to keep track.  As time passed, two more calendars were posted up on the refrigerator to remind me now and then of what we could focus on that day.  These have been shared throughout this blog as the “Schedule of Activities”.

At first glance, it looks like a rigid schedule to follow and leaves one to question when there was time to do anything else.  The calendars are there to serve as reminders of what could be done that day.  The calendar can be followed just as it is, or adjusted to what works for you in your household. Either way, it is to be a resource for you and your family.  🙂

Remember, it is not about following a strict schedule of teaching math to your child(ren) at home.  It is about actually finding ways to incorporate it into your family life in things that we already do because the math is and was already there to begin with.  🙂

Please enjoy this as a resource and friendly reminder for ages newborn-5 years of age.

Schedule of Activities for 0-18 months

Click to access Schedule%20for%20the%20Week_zerotoeighteenmonths.pdf


Schedule of Activities for 18 months-3 years of age

Click to access ScheduleofActivitiesfor18mosto3yrsofage_0.pdf


Schedule of Activities for 3 years – 5 years of age (with go through a revision soon)

Click to access CALENDAR3yearsto5yearsofagePDF_0.pdf

copyright 2016 learning math with mom

copyright 2016 Christina Grossman


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