You Deserve to Understand Mathematics


In talking and listening to my colleagues at work, it dawned on me that many reasons why some of us might not be open in learning math, or even teaching others math for that matter, stems from the question of “Do you believe those you teach deserve to learn and understand the math?” and “Do you believe you are deserving to learn and understand math?”

Your answer and my answer might be, “well, of course!” Really think about this for a moment. You believe that you and your child deserve to read, so you find out tools to use and what things to do with your child to help him/her to read. You believe that you and your child deserve to have a healthy eating lifestyle, so you do what you can to achieve that. I am wondering if we truly believe that we deserve to learn mathematics.

From my teaching years in the classroom, the meet-ups with parents and even other adults throughout the day would freely share how their parents were not great at mathematics and so they believed this was the reason why they are not good in math. Some parents would also freely share that they were not great in math and so they do not expect their child to be great in math, as if this was connected to genetics. If you really want a gene, a math gene, then go to and get your math gene. Make this yours and pass it on to others so that we can stop the thinking that the math gene is out of reach.

On behalf of anyone who has told you that you cannot learn math, or anything for that matter, I apologize. I am so sorry that happened to you or to your child. We are all capable of learning. We all have our strengths and we all have our desire to learn.

At least learn one new thing a week, or even every two weeks. Begin telling yourself and your children that the both of you deserve to learn the math and understand it. Keep telling yourself that you can do it and spread the message to your child. If you want to learn more about how to help yourself and/or your children to understand math, keep reading the blogs, subscribe, and feel free to e-mail me at .

copyright 2014 learning math with mom

copyright 2014 learning math with mom


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