Taking a Break to Breathe :) Why I Do This for My Kids and For You!

It has been two months since I last posted an activity and all I can say is that it was time to take a break to breathe. I hope you were able to do the same, whether it was for five minutes or all summer. Sometimes it is okay to not try to schedule everything all at once, to have your life planned for every single second, and meet every single deadline. Bottom line, when you feel rushed, so do you kids. So take the time to breathe and enjoy the time you have with your little ones, especially before they go off to school…if they haven’t done so already.


Something to Think About:

My two cents worth of being part of this movement to incorporate more math in the early years is not just about teaching shapes and how to count before a child begins school. It is also about changing the way we think and do mathematics in our lives. I have been trying to show you how simple, less complex, and how easy it is to teach your child about math before he/she starts school for the first time.

For the past five years, I have been asked if I am homeschooling my kids. At first, my thoughts were that I was not homeschooling them because they were eventually going to school when they are of age. Then I thought more about what people were really asking me. Many people need to label what they do or others do to try to wrap their minds around something that is not the norm. All I was trying to do was create an environment where my kids did not feel bombarded or bored about learning math. My goal was to just make it a normal part of their life and not a chore or another extra thing they needed to do. In a way, I am homeschooling my kids. In one way or another, we all do that with just about anything we teach our kids. We teach our kids certain things we think and feel are important for them to understand. The important thought I want you to understand is that it is really important to surround your child or children with the knowing that learning in not just at school; learning happens at home, on the playground, at lunchtime, outside, and as a family.

Whatever subject or skill, or just about anything you want your child to learn from you, you need to understand and feel that it is important or your children will not see the purpose in learning it. Although I am teaching my kids math, I also am expanding to other areas that I was not very strong in. To be a supporter of the arts, I needed to do things in art to feel empowered and confident so that my children can also know that they can feel that way to. Whatever it is, become their teacher of making a success and a teacher of making mistakes 🙂

Throughout all these years, I love every minute I was able to be with my kids, especially showing them that there is nothing to fear in math, or in any subject. You fall, so dust yourself off and try again. You make a mistake on the canvas for art, there is always white paint. Remember to have an eraser at the end of your pencil. It is not how fast you get there, it is the fact that you got there!

So stop and take a breather with your kids and let us get back to learning math 🙂

copyright 2014 learning math with mom

copyright 2014 learning math with mom


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