Mom! You Have Crackers in Your Pretzel Bowl: Sorting Becomes Delicious!


My second oldest son can sometimes be particular about his food, especially his snacks.  He wanted to have his bunny crackers, but we bought the box that is a snack mix with a blend of bunny crackers and pretzels.  So I offered to eat the pretzels and he will eat the bunny crackers.  Pouring the snack mix in my bowl, he yelled, “Mom! You have crackers in your pretzel bowl!”  He is 3 ½ at this time.  The answer to this problem was that he sorted out the bunny crackers and put it into his bowl.  After he sorted everything out, he ate his crackers.  I poured more of the mixture in my bowl and he sorted it out again.  🙂  I didn’t need to set anything up, really, and I didn’t have to announce that we are doing a learning activity.  It just naturally happened.  Sorting that becomes a delicious snack time!


Where is this on the Schedule of Activities from 18 months to 3 years of age?

1.  Wednesday on Sorting


Where is this on the Schedule of Activities from 3 to 5 years of age?


  1. Tuesday on Sorting


Something to Think About:

This was the moment when the learning just naturally presented itself without any planning ahead of time.  This is the sweetest part of being a teacher and mother.    This also gave me a better perspective to see how my children can just naturally do something mathematically.

There are plenty of things to sort inside your home and outside your home.  Sort rocks, sort cereals, sort forks and spoons, and sort buttons.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy because it could be as simple as sorting crackers that come in different shapes and sizes. Just remember that it is not just about doing mathematics, but the special time you and your child are having together with the mathematics. 🙂

copyright 2014 learning math with mom

copyright 2014 learning math with mom


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