Do you have a Science Background? I wish! My son is interested in Science so I look for things that are Scientific for Him to Do

How inspirational is this!  I was waiting to pick up my four-year old son from preschool and asked a simple question to one of the other mothers.  Her son has been sharing these great science activities for sharing day in class.  So I asked her if she had a science background because it was amazing what her son was doing in relation to science.  She gave me a smile and said, “I wish!”  She added that her son is showing an interest in science, so she looks for things that are scientific for him to work on.  The biggest light bulb switched on for me!  This was one of the biggest eye-opening moments for me as a mother!

We as mothers, fathers, grandparents, and…quite frankly…whoever we are, might have an area that we just don’t approach, not even with a ten foot pole. Before having my children, that area was art.  The best I could do were stick figures.  It was not until my oldest started to draw at 18 months to two years that inspired me to help him however I could.  Later on, it meant that I would need to learn everything about art and find resources to help me help my son.  In a nutshell, that ten foot pole for art has now shortened itself to a crayon. 🙂

Coming back to this particularly wonderful mom, she told me that she wished she was an expert in science.  What I should have told her and will tell her this week is that she is an expert to me and she most certainly is to her boy.  She is a learner and now teacher to her boy in science because of her efforts to become one.  She is open to learn and discover for the sake of her child.

If you get anything out of Learning Math with Mom, I hope you understand that this is your resource to encourage you to come out of your shell, drop that ten foot pole, and become a learner and teacher of mathematics to your child.  To take this one step further, maybe it is not just for the sake of your child that you are learning about how to incorporate math in your home, but for the sake of yourself J  Your child, or children are not the only ones who deserve to learn about math.  You deserve this too!

Something to Think About:

Because my oldest son was showing a gift in art, I wanted to find ways to help him.  However, I still believed that I could not see myself as an artist since I could only draw stick figures.  It was not until we were watching a Mickey Mouse show that it clicked that I could draw too.  At some point in the show, it showed us how Mickey can be drawn by doing simple shapes like circles and ovals.  In my eyes, this is geometry.  Geometry is something I can do.  (If you have not figured this out yet, I love math!) I tried it and it worked!  It took me how long to connect that you draw with shapes?  I knew this, so why did I not make the obvious connection?

It took me all my life to connect with art because I had this block, this intimidation hanging over me that I could not possibly be good in art.  After this, I had more confidence in drawing and was able to draw a huge Jake, from the Neverland Pirates, for my other son’s birthday 🙂  This brought such a joy that I hope you also experience.

Let Learning Math with Mom inspire you to become an inspiration in math.  Because even reading this blog and  finding out how to help your child become more successful in math should tell you that you are a wonderful and caring parent.  On another level, I hope you are learning math for yourself as well.  We are the examples our children observe before they enter school for the first time.  They learn by example.  Show your child that math is attainable by believing it is attainable for them and for you.

Your first homework assignment is to write in the comments section and share with us how Learning Math with Mom has helped you and your family with math.  What have you done at home and how was it a success?

copyright 2013 learning math with mom

copyright 2013 learning math with mom

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